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Welcome to the official blog of J. Kelly Equipment LLC, your premier destination for expert insights, tips, and updates on excavation, landscaping, and property management. Our blog is designed to provide you with valuable information and practical advice to help you make informed decisions and achieve exceptional results for your projects.At J. Kelly Equipment LLC, we specialize in a wide range of services to meet your property management needs. .

Septic System Services

Maintaining Your Septic System in Massachusetts: Seasonal Tips for Homeowners

A well-maintained septic system is essential for the health and functionality of your property. In Massachusetts,...
Landscaping Experts

Choosing Native Plants for Your Massachusetts Landscape: A Guide to Planting and Mulching

Native plants are an excellent choice for any landscape, offering numerous benefits for both the environment and your...
Sod Installation

Installing New Sod in Massachusetts Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Installing New Sod 1. Soil Preparation Before installing new sod, it's essential to prepare the...

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